Payment is required in order to confirm your date and is due in full 3 days prior to shooting.
We do NOT offer refunds.  If you cancel or miss your shooting date, you immediately forfeit your payment or deposit.  Every effort will be made to reschedule your shoot in the event of bad weather.
**You must be completely ready at the time of shooting, we are not responsible for you not ironing your clothes, leaving pockets out, poor makeup, untidy hair, and your general dress and appearance.  You need to have that together before shooting.
What it costs and what you get
We do NOT charge by the hour or by the look for portraits or headshots.​​​​​​​ There is a pre-production "shoot" fee and images are $10 ($15 for corp/gov) each --not including post-production.  Post-production of images is separate and is $20 per person per image. Pre-production typically covers about an hour of shooting.  We keep it very simple here, you pay directly for the number of images you want.  Each edited (post-production) image is $30 and unedited images are $10, simple.  Most often shoots are held on location outside or at your home, but if you would like to shoot in a studio just let us know and we can arrange it.  Studio fees are of course separate and vary.  You can expect a turnaround time of about 7 -10 business days.
Choosing Images
The ability to choose images applies only to select model shoots and BlueBox Digital Media reserves the right to choose all images that go to post-production at our explicit discretion.  We may or may not grant you the ability to choose which images go to post depending on the project.
Under no circumstances do we ever give away images including RAW or straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) images.  If you would like to purchase SOOC images they are $10 each with a 10-image minimum purchase requirement.
Image Ownership Information
BlueBox Digital Media maintains all ownership and full rights to the images we produce.  You are granted a license to use the images for non-commercial use unless otherwise specified in writing by us.  As such, you are not allowed to alter the images in any way including the use of filters.  The photographer MUST BE CREDITED AT ALL TIMES.  If you would like to purchase FULL OWNERSHIP RIGHTS to the images we shoot of you, just let us know and we will quote you a price.
In the event that images taken of you will contain full, partial or implied nudity you will be required to consent in advance in the form on the following page that you agree to take such images.  You must be at least 18 years of age and although not required, we recommend that you bring a 3rd person to the shoot with you. 
Terms are subject to change at any time.
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