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Home Sweet Home

Alexandria VA Airbnb
6 Sec at F/11 | ISO 100 | 24mm

Ok, so I shot an Airbnb out in Alexandria, VA. It was a great project actually and I really enjoyed the experience. Much thanks to the owner --and my other half-- for staging each of the rooms.  There were challenges of course, but for the most part I'm very happy with the results especially since I had not shot much real estate this year.  The real excitement came in the form of deciding how I would treat the images I shot for this project in post.  To see more of the images that I shot click here.
From Up High

Downtown Silver Spring
1/1000 Sec at F/4.5 | ISO 100 | 24mm

I'm actually somewhat afraid of heights...  Of course, it doesn't stop me when I have my camera in my hands.  I would stand on the edge of a cliff just to get a shot; it is the nature of what it means to be a photographer.  I love this image as simple as it is because it really speaks to me in the sense that most people that go to downtown Silver Spring don't ever get to see it from this point of view.  Actually, just off camera right is the movie theater which has a very iconic look.  At some point I'm probably going to shoot it but the angle that I want is not very accessible.  We'll see what happens. Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have shot this over the weekend during the farmer's market.
Sam Garvin
New Pizza Spot

The Yards Park
15 Sec at F/11 | ISO 100 | 24mm

Ok, so this is my very first blog post!  Not sure quite yet about how I'm going to format things, but I hope you guys enjoy the images and the stories behind them!
Although this image was shot on a tripod at 15 seconds, there is still some light ghosting present.  I knew I should have shot bulb, but I was out just shooting for fun at the time...  I actually found this place quite by accident because I usually don't venture out to this part of town.  That being said, you wouldn't believe it, but as a couple of friends and I were looking around for places to shoot we came across a guy that was sitting outside alongside Emmy Squared Pizza.  It was interesting because we really didn't have a reason to stop but the smell of the food drew us in close to see what was going on.  The guy in question has ordered a delectable square masterpiece of a pizza and as we passed, he noticed that we were interested, so...  He offers us a few slices! We were like, "...are you sure?" and he was not kidding, he gestured for us to pick up a slice --which we did-- and that was all she wrote!  Man, when I tell you this pizza was good, I mean it was some of the best pizza I had had in quite a long time.  Very fresh ingredients with an incredible thick crust.  It's become the new spot.  Thank you dude whose name we don't even remember.
Sam Garvin
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